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If the intent of Israel’s periodic attacks against the Palestinians is to deter or prevent future attacks against Israel, the policy has not been particularly effective.

Israel should adopt a new publically declared, predictable, and proportionate use of force in response to Palestinian attacks.  Israel should calculate the quantity of ordinance used in new Palestinian attacks against Israel, and launch its own attacks using ordinance only up to a limit of 80% of the ordinance expended by the Palestinians.  An objective measure, such as kilograms of TNT-equivalent power, should be used.  The figures should be updated and publically announced by Israel following each attack by either side.

A policy of responding to attacks with counter-attacks that are potent, but objectively less severe, may be a more effective deterrent than alternating periods of cease-fire and excessive retaliation, and both sides may find a way to spiral down the cycle of violence.


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