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Fair and Balanced

Whatever happened to fair and balanced, in news, commentary, and public discourse? I’m not talking about the rhetorical kind of balance, where one proposes a far right or far left agenda, and then attempts to legitimize it by attaching a moniker to it to claim normacly where little exists (the Fair and Balanced trademark), or waving a flag over it to claim patriotism when divisiveness is anything but patriotic (Air America, flag waving attached to partisan politics).

We’re not that dumb. Even those of us who have lowered ourselves to using these rhetorical florishes know, in our hearts, we resort to it only when reason will not support the cause.

We all know true centrist politics when we see it. Problem is, we haven’t seen much lately.

The resurgence of polarized news outlets may be the cause or the consequence, it is difficult to tell, but the responsibility clearly rests with every individual who apes the vitriol proposed by others. Just say no to polarization.

The antidote – see the good in the views opposed to yours, and seek common ground and agreement. This is what leads to the best public policy, what makes us strong, and what holds us together as a unified nation.


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