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The real threat to national security won’t be found on a Repugnant party talk show.  There are no war profits to be made, no villains in strange costume, no leakers from the internet.

A dumbed-down population is the real threat to our security and prosperity.  China has caught up (Top Scores from Shanghai Stun).  America, look out.

It was and will be the smart people who will create the industries, wealth, exports, and jobs of the future.

It is and will continue to be the dumb people who are attracted to the culture wars and live fire wars on offer by the right. Is it any wonder that the Repugnant party is consistently against good public education?  After all, who will vote for them if there’s an educated electorate?

The threat is real.  The solutions are obvious.  Bring in the best and the brightest (Give ’em Green Cards), and train them at home.

Sputnik II?  We can only hope.


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[W]e have gone so far overboard that we are beyond redemption

John C. Danforth, former Republican senator from Missouri

Whatever you may think of the policy prescriptions of the Elephant or Donkey, there is little question which party has lost its moral compass.

Traditionally, third parties have emerged on the fringes when yahoos from the far left or far right feel overly disenfranchised. Today, however, it is the broad center-right of America that has no political home. An entire political party has been hijacked by its lunatic fringe, and that fringe slaughtering its own most capable members.

Could the time be right for a new centrist party to emerge, to the right of the Donkey and to the left of the Tea-for-brains crowd?

Call it The Responsible Party.

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