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Sarah “Gunsights” Palin

Sarah Palin Takes AimSarah "Gunsights" PalinThe shrill and guilty denials of right wing politicians that their violent metaphors motivated the killer ring very hollow. The denials are needed because the politicians know they have summoned demons from the depth of the human psyche. If not this killer, it could well be the next.

Right wing politics are highly predictable. A cynical leadership rallies a foolish yahoo mob to act against their own interests, through idiot muscular metaphors, policies designed to preserve the advantages of a selfish few, and the intellectual poverty of those who vote for them. A climate of fear, domestic and international, not only helps intimidate opposition, it surges hormones that supress thought and motivate mindless acts.

It is convenient for politicians that fools cannot tell us what dark voices within move them to act. The act may be to pull a trigger, or to pull a lever on a voting machine.

That is the dark electoral secret of the Repugnant party.


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