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No More War

No more war. Don’t they get it in the White House?

Syria’s troubles are important, and we should do what we can to be useful and helpful. Cruise missiles, however, have no utility in this situation. We can only make things worse by injecting more violence into a situation we cannot control.

How can we be useful? Perhaps our options for genuine help are limited. I would propose this framework – work a deal with Russia to define an end-game that protects Russia’s interests as much as ours. They have a lot to lose if the war drags on, too. And so far they have blocked serious external pressure for an obvious reason – western plans to stop Assad are not in their interests. We need to solve that problem. Our bombs cannot do that.


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Goose Step Or Else

You can judge the health of a society by the way it treats its deviants, dissenters, whistle-blowers, and enemies.  Would it be fair to say that self-justified brutality inflicted by a society on its own citizens, or on its enemies, usually points to the moral deficiency of that society, the justifications fooling no one?

Four Presidential terms of both major parties leave little doubt about who we are and what we have become.  We torture those we fear, for our protection of course. Our secret police spy on us, for our own good of course. And we mete out the harshest punishment for those who would risk committing crimes to expose the wrongdoing of their superiors. Let that be a lesson to anyone else who might think to call foul.

Sometimes a look in the mirror is shocking. Like what you see?

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