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It may be time to work for Donald Trump’s nomination. Trump’s catastrophic defeat in the general election is now sufficiently certain, his chances of fracturing the Republican party, and his chances of bringing in congressional Democrats on his negative coattails, that the patriotic thing to do may be to work for his nomination. Either Hillary of Bernie is likely to best Trump, unless, paraphrasing Governor Edwin Edwards they catch one of them in bed with a live boy or a criminal indictment. And Hillary may even be able to survive an indictment. She wouldn’t be the first Clinton to do so.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is a real electoral threat. Perhaps not as unhinged as Donald Trump, he represents a more classically Republican neoconservative danger to America. And his chances of beating Hillary are pretty good. Her average polling margin over Cruz is within the margin of error on most polls at the moment, so a tie. Florida recount, anyone? That’s a chance we can’t take.


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