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The Fire is Still Burning

donald-trump-salute-696x417After a year of Trump, there’s a dangerous tendency to believe it wasn’t that bad.

Not so fast! There should be little comfort in disasters delayed, but not averted. The shoes have not dropped, but the threats to our democracy remain:

  • Trump has not attacked North Korea – not yet.
  • Trump has not fired the second round of investigators who would expose his crimes – not yet.
  • Trump has not pardoned those who would rat him out to save themselves jail time – not yet.
  • Trump has not fired Secretary Tillerson, one of the few adults in the room – not yet.
  • Trump has not defied court orders – not yet.
  • Trump has not forced those loyal to him in government to illegally harass, audit, or impede newspapers, TV channels, or reporters as Nixon did – not yet.
  • Trump has not, post-election, incited crowds to violence against fellow citizens – not yet.
  • Trump has not tried to raise insurrection against the FBI, the judiciary, or other parts of government potentially thwarting his criminality – not yet.

We all know that he is capable of these transgressions and more. He remains the same narcissistic, egomaniacal, ignorant, juvenile, volatile, vengeful, dictatorial demagogue he always has been.

Watching and waiting is not enough. Trump must be confronted and constrained before he mis-steps. On this, patriotic Republicans, Democrats, liberals, moderates and conservatives must see their mutual interest and should act in unison.



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